The Australian “Disease” Rears Its Ugly Head in Hobart

A screenshot of the Hobart City Council webpage devoted to Licence Certificates

I had always thought that the Tasmanians were the “good guys” when it came to an understanding of photography – after all there is no fee charged or a permit required for non-advertising photography in their national parks – but sadly it seems that the Hobart City Council don’t exactly live up to the “good guys” creed.

As you can see above there is a Commercial Street Photographer (Licence) fee of $50 per half day, or $100 per full day. Note that hawkers and kerbside vendors only pay $100 for an annual licence, although the impact of a “street photographer” is bound to be less than that of a hawker or kerbside vendor.

And whilst the Commercial Street Photographer charge is considerably less than that demanded by the rogues at Sydney’s Manly and Waverley Councils, this is not the only photography charge imposed by the Hobart City Council.

If you want to do “commercial” photography in one of the parks or gardens administered by Hobart City Council, the fee is $200 per application. If you want to do “commercial” photography in one of the council’s bushland reserves (such as Wellington Park) the fee is $250 for a half day, or $500 for a full day. Obviously a charge like that has got nothing to do with a “recovery of costs” by Hobart City Council but is all to do with monopoly price gouging.


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