Arts Freedom Australia Rally in Sydney

I wanted to post something of my own about the Arts Freedom Australia rally at Campbells Cove on August 29th but my brain is still a little addled. So I am grabbing the words from Beth’s post at the Exposed and Framed website. Beth really said it all … and if she has any way of making the grey hair on the back of my head (seen in one of the pictures she took on the day), go back to the lovely fair and tousled look it had a few years back – then I would be most grateful!

From Exposed and Framed:

Sunday 29th August was a beautiful day in Sydney – sunny, still and warm.  A great day for a protest rally!  David and I were at Campbell’s Cove, joining professional and amateur photographers alike, to protest the rules and regulations that impact on our right to freedom of expression.

“Arts Freedom Australia [AFA] believes there should be no need for permits or charges (other than entry fees or other charges similar to those paid  by the general public) where artists are not requiring any more access, assistance or creating any more impact on the environment than a tourist or visitor.” (

Personally, I will say this – it is a horrible experience when one goes to an area to photograph, where ever that area may be – beach, city, forest – and is worried about whether they are breaking the law, about to be accosted by a security guard, an angry citizen who believes (incorrectly) that their own rights have been violated, or worse still, by the police themselves.  David and I have experienced nearly all of the above (the exception being the angry citizen, although we know many photographers who have endured this) and it is sad that a pastime, or profession, as passive as photography, should have earned such a negative connotation.  We just want to take pictures – expressions of how we see and feel about a scene, place or event.  We are not criminals.  We are not terrorists.  We are not paedophiles.  We are not paparazzi.  We are artists.

We are not asking for special treatment, just the right to be in the same area that any member of the public can access without having to obtain a permit to do so.


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1 Response to Arts Freedom Australia Rally in Sydney

  1. Debbie says:

    Have just seen this American website “Photography is not a Crime its a First Amendment Right” and they have shown a poster by the US Transport Security Administration that depicts photographers as terriorists: Its a worldwide phenomenon!

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