It’s A Wonderful View from Talinguru – Absolutely Not

Uluru Viewed from Talinguru Nyakunytjaku at 4 PM on June 11th, 2010

In October 2009, Margot Marshall, the Director of Public Affairs at Parks Australia, told The Weekend Australian that the new Talinguru Nyakunytjaku Viewing Area would “provide stunning views at all times of the day.”

I wonder if she still thinks that this mid-afternoon shot of Uluru is a stunning view?


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One Response to It’s A Wonderful View from Talinguru – Absolutely Not

  1. peter lumak says:

    It says it all Ross, either it is a monumental stuff-up as a sunrise viewing area (Parks Australia’ first justification for this $21million project) or a monumental stuff-up as an all day viewing area (Parks Australia’s second justification after the first was mercilessly debunked) This pathetic federal government department, apparently run by radical enviro-cultural fascists, tries desperately to hold onto 20th century rules , long overtaken by the technology of the 21st century. Note Peter Cochrane: Australia is a democracy, I’m sure there are plenty of jobs for people like you in Pyongyang, how about looking into their immigration policies? A job for you there would be a perfect result for North Korea, and an even better one for Australia.

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