Credit Card Advertisement Uses Uluru

Can anyone see the big red rock in this picture?

Hint. The big red rock is in the bottom right-hand side of this screen capture from the internet.

So you did see it? Well-spotted!!

What do you think this big red rock is supposed to resemble? Sydney Opera House perhaps? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? A herd of wildebeests sweeping magnificently across the African plains? Or just plain old Uluru?

I certainly think that it’s the latter.

Now is this a “captured image” of a Commonwealth Reserve? Who would exactly know but it is a line drawing and even artists are supposed to submit to the rigours of the all-proscriptive filming and photographic guidelines for the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. (According to the Film and Photography Guidelines. V.08/2003, “painting” includes any type of artistic design which incorporates any features found within the park.)

But will Parks Australia do anything about prosecuting this possible breach of EPBC Regulation 12.38? It certainly seems to be a “commercial use” and such usage is not allowed for products which have no clear and logical connection between the product and the national park, and this is an advertisement for the Qantas American Express Premium Card. A banking product I would have thought.

I don’t think Parks Australia will – after all it is far more fun to have rules in place that allow belligerent rangers to go about the park bullying film-makers and photographers than to ever take on a multinational corporation. Isn’t it?


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2 Responses to Credit Card Advertisement Uses Uluru

  1. Rob Walls says:

    Ross have you asked Qantas or American Express whether they have clearance?

  2. rossbmedia says:

    Hi Rob – I haven’t asked American Express or Qantas as of yet. I don’t think either company would have applied for “clearance” and if they did have and it was approved it kinda makes a mockery of the Uluru guidelines which says that imagery “which is to be used for the advertising of such things as motor vehicles, fashions, food and drink, electrical goods, furniture, banking and investment corporations and the like will not be permitted”. And this advertisement is for a banking product and not travel that directly connects the reader with Uluru.

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