Conroy to Go Ahead With Internet Filtering

There is an article at The Sydney Morning Herald website which says that the Minister for Communications Stephen Conroy has “vowed to push on with his controversial internet filtering scheme, despite a barrage of criticism”. The link is

The Sydney Morning Herald is also running an online poll in conjunction with the article, asking people’s opinion on whether or not the government should filter the internet. At this very moment – Sunday night at 9.20 pm – there have been 46,822 votes and the tide of public opinion, such as it is, is running against Mr Conroy by a factor of 99 to 1.

So if Conroy goes ahead with the internet filter will this be a triumph for democracy or rather, a slap in the face?

UPDATE: Fourteen hours later at 11.20 am on Monday, May 31st the result from The Sydney Morning Herald online poll to the question “Should the government filter the internet?” is still running at 1% for government filtering and 99% against. The total number of online votes is now 71,571 votes – or approx. 0.3% of Australia’s population. I think that would be a “reasonable sample” in anyone’s language!


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